Waller County Library System

How to download an E-Book and/or Audio.

These tutorials are for all devices (Andriod, Ios, and Microsoft).


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Itunes   Android    


1. Download from your app store. OR You can use your computer.

2. Libby will ask you if you have a library card. If you do click "Yes". If you don't have one you can sign up for one here.

Library Card

3. Libby will ask you for a library location. You can either have her search for one or you can search for it. You will enter "Waller County Library". Click on "Piney Woods Digital Consortium"


4. Libby will prompt you to enter in your library card number. She will then ask for your password. (The password is the phone number we have on file.)

Libby Login

6. Once you login you are set. You can start searching for your favorite author or book.

7. The ones that say "Place a Hold" are currently out and you will be placed on hold. (Libby will send you a notification letting you know the item is in your "Shelf".) The items that say "Borrow" are available to read.

8. Once you have your book, you can read it through Libby or send it to your Kindle or Kindle app. (You will have to have an Amazon account to do this.)

libby kindle or libby

9. At the bottom of your screen you will see "Library"  and "Shelf." When you click "Library" it will take you to the main page. When you click on "Shelf" it will take you to your loan page and show you what you have out.

10. Once you open your book, you can go into "settings" and change the:

The light setting The font size and type
libby lighting libbyfontsizelibbyfont


1. Download from your app store.

2.Select "Find your Library" and select "Waller County Library"

SimplyE_Your Libray    SimplyE Library Selection

3. Go to the setting button on the bottom right of your screen and select "Account"


4. You select "Waller County Library"

SimplyE Select Library

5. It will prompt you to enter in your library card number and your password. (Your password will be your phone number we have on file for you.)

SimplyE Login

It will ask you if you want to sync other device you are reading from. You can Enable this option or later if you wish.

SimplyE SyncDevices

6. You are now ready to check out books!! Push the 'Catalog' icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. This will take you to the home screen.

Any title with "Get" allows to check out but titles with "Reserve" will place you on hold and will notify you when it is available for you to read. 

7. Once you open the book, you can go to the top of the screen and select the 'tT' to edit your lighting, font, and font size.

SimplyE_LightingSimplyE FontSimplyE FontSize

If you have any question please fell free to contact us. Hope this helps!