Waller County Library System

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How to download an E-Book and/or Audio.

These tutorials are for all devices. First is the Android, iOS, and Microsoft, then it will be for the desktop computers.

1. Download the Libby App from your app store.

2. You will click Hi! And then scroll down until you see "Find My Library."


3. If our library pops up you will click "yes." If it is not our library click "no".


4.You will then click "No, I'll Search For A Library."

5.You will enter "Waller County Library". Click on "Piney Woods Digital Consortium" and it will take you to this.

6. It will take you to the main webpage.

7. Click "Add Your Card" and you will find "Waller County Library", enter in your library card number and your password. (Phone number on file or a password you set. Call us if you need to reset it.)


8. Once you login you are set. You can start looking for books or audio book!

9. Go to the search button and search for your favorite author or book. You will some of the titles pop up.


10. The ones that say "Place a Hold" are out and you will be put on a list for it.

11. You will be sent a notification when the book is in your library and ready to read!


12. The ones that say "Borrow" are available to read.


13. At the bottom of your screen you will see "Library" a picture of a book cover and "Shelf."

14. When you click "Library" it will take you to the main page.

15. When you click on "Shelf" it will take you to your loan page and show you what you have out.

16. You are now ready to read!!

17. Once you open your book, you can go into the settings and change the light setting: 


The font size and type:

It also has an option if you are Dyslexic:

1. Go to https://pwdl.overdrive.com/pwdl-waller/content

2. This will take you to the home page and from there you will sing in.

3. Make sure you select Waller County as your library. Login with the information you normally login on our catalog. (Phone number on file or a password you set. Call us if you need to reset it.)

4. Once you are logged in, you can search for any books or audios. You can place holds and it will send you an email when the book or audio is ready.

5. To see what you have out you will go to the three little books on top or the "My Account."

This will show you what you have out, on hold, or on your wish list.

If you have any question please fell free to contact us. Hope this helps!