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Computer Usage Policy/ Política de uso de la Computadora

Computer Usage Policy

Computer Use and Staff help

Effective February 1, 2019

 The library staff are not allowed to offer in depth personal instruction once patron has logged into the computer. They are not allowed to assist with personal questions or software applications upon usage. The library staff may assist with finding the appropriate website, finding information on web pages, and give basic instruction for navigating the internet to the patron. Library staff are not allowed to assist or personally fill out forms for patrons. Library staff may provide some technical assistance.

These computers are available on a first- come, first- served basis. The computers are available to both members of the library and visitors. The staff at the customer service desk will also be able to assist patrons with sign in procedures.  In order for a visitor to have access to the computers, they must provide the staff with a valid photo ID. Once they have done so, they will be given a guest pass. Each patron is allowed a maximum of 2 hours per day on the computer. If there are people waiting to utilize the computer; patrons are only allowed 1 hour. Extra time is granted solely at the discretion of the librarian on duty. All computers automatically shut down 15 minutes prior to closing time, so be sure to save all of your work. The library will not be held accountable for anything that gets deleted on the computer.

Black and white printing is available on letter sized paper for 10¢ per page; per side (i.e. a 2-sided copy will cost 20¢). Patrons are encouraged to ask for help from the library staff before printing to avoid wasting paper and money. Faxing and scanning services are also available to the public.

Personal Flash drives and other storage media can be used on the computers. Flash drives are also available to purchase at the front desk for $7.00. Installation of programs or new software onto the computers is strictly prohibited.

As a courtesy to other library users, patrons are required to wear headphones for websites or software that utilizes audio. Headphones are available to purchase for $1.50 at the customer service desk. Patrons are also welcomed to bring in their personal headphones. 

Library staff reserves the right to ask you to leave the library and revoke computer privileges if rules are not abided by.

Wi-Fi Access

The Waller County Library offers wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access free of charge, with no guarantee or warranty. This service is available during the hours the library is open. 

Patrons will need to provide their own equipment which includes a laptop or suitable PDA equipped with an IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network card. Newer laptops have wireless cards built-in. For most others, a compatible card can be purchased at computer stores.

Patrons will need to enter a password which will be given to patron from Staff at the customer service desk.

 Communications over a wireless network are less secure than through a hard-wired network. Information sent from or to a laptop can be captured by anyone with a wireless device and appropriate software within approximately three hundred feet. It is recommended that patrons do not use such a network to transmit personal, financial, legal or other sensitive information. The wireless service is used entirely at the risk of the owner.

Laptops, PDAs, phones, personal belonging should NOT be left unattended. The Waller County Library assumes no responsibility for any laptop or other belonging left unattended. 

Computer Usage Policy

  • It is your responsibility to pay for all prints, even those printed accidently.
  • Each user must take responsibility his/her and/or their children’s activities on the internet.
  • Parents are advised to supervise their children’s internet sessions.

Unacceptable Use

  • Attempting to evade or bypass computer lab time limits by using multiple library cards, or by requesting guest passes when your allotted time has been used, may result in the loss of computer use privileges.
  • Damaging or destroying equipment, software or data belonging to the library or to other users.
  • Violation of copyrighted material. (i.e.: Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material.)
  • Violating software license agreements.
  • Using the internet for any illegal activity.
  • Wasting finite resources (including printing without paying).
  • Refusing to get up when asked by library personnel.
  • "hacking" or otherwise attempting unauthorized use of the Library, County or other networks;
  • attempting to interfere with or disrupt other users;
  • attempting to evade security measures;
  • invading the privacy of other users;
  • attracting the attention of others to sexually explicit images depicted on the screen or in copies made on Library printers;
  • sending harassing, threatening or libelous messages or material
  • Accessing peer to peer (P2P), torrent, or other file sharing sites are not allowed.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone calls must take place outside the library.  You will be asked to leave the building if you are using a cell phone.

Política de uso de la Computadora

EFFECTIVO 1 de febrero de 2019

Política del teléfono celular

Las llamadas de teléfonos celulares deben tener lugar fuera de la biblioteca. Se le pedirá que abandone el edificio si está usando un teléfono celular.