Waller County Library System

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Acceptable Use of the Internet and Library Public Computers

Computer Time

There is a two hour time limit per day unless there is a wait for the computer and the limit is one hour.

It is your responsibility to pay for all prints, even those printed accidently.

Acceptable internet use policy

The library computers are provided as a privilege for patrons and visitors. The internet is a gateway to information of great diversity in many countries and cultures. While most of the information accessed can be valuable and enlightening, the user may also find unreliable, offensive and or illegal under US Law. The library cannot police a global network and each user must take responsibility for activities in the internet and for his or her children. Parents are advised to supervise children’s internet sessions.

Unacceptable use

  • Damaging or destroying equipment, software or date belonging to the library or to other users. Parents can be liable for damage done by a child under the age of eighteen.
  • Abuse of equipment includes banging on the keyboard or other excessive force, misappropriation of hardware or software, and attempts to alter the software.
  • Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material
  • Violating software license agreements
  • Using the internet for any illegal activity
  • Wasting finite resources (including printing without paying)
  • Refusing to get up when asked by library personnel